Videntī Business Solutions (Videntī) specialises in Technology Driven Business Efficiencies and engages with our customers through a radical Business Re-Think Process. The Business Re-Think exercise mobilizes Process and Technology thought leadership from Videntī and Business Best Practice knowledge from our customers. The energy we strive for is “Intellectual Influence and Innovative Thinking” from both the Videntī and Client teams. The result is a redefined business model and technology deployment roadmap to support our client’s organisation for at least the next 3 years.

Re-think your business in the new post COVID 19 world. Physically disconnected, technologically connected.

The proliferation of managed services providers and migration to cloud-based software continue to grow. As a result, IT is becoming increasingly dependent on external vendors and a transaction-based approach becomes insufficient to guarantee continued value.

 “Considering the rate of growth and sheer size of the existing IT sourcing market place, a client’s dependency on a service provider becomes more integral to its success.”

– Deepak Bansal  

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